2021 : How Do You Select The Right Frame For Your Face And Skin Tone?

1 year ago

Choosing the right frame for your face :

To begin, determine your face's form. The frames of your glasses must be a good match for your face. You can pull your hair back to examine the features of your face, which can help you identify them. The middle of the lenses should be where your eyes are. Last but not least, the top of your glasses should have the line of your brows.

  • If you have an oval face, you might wear round or oval frames to emphasize the curve of your face. Rectangular glasses are another excellent option.
  • Large rectangular or square frames are especially flattering on round faces.
  • If you have a rectangular face, we strongly urge you to wear rectangle frames! Some round types might also work.
  • "Cat eyes" and "panthos" frames will look great on you if your face is diamond-shaped. The rising curves at each end are the most distinguishing feature of this form. Round frames are likewise a good choice.
  • Glasses with geometric shapes are ideal for square-shaped faces. Round or "panthos" glasses, on the other hand, will soften the form of your face. Choose based on your preferences.
  • Do you have a face that is shaped like an inverted triangle? To draw attention to your face, you should wear glasses with rounded edges.

Choosing the right frame for your skin tone, your hair and your eyes :

Colors that complement your skin tone, hair color, and eyes are critical. They should brighten your complexion while also giving you a pleasing appearance.

  • Dark colors, are excellent for fair skin.
  • Bright and vibrant colors will look great on matte or tanned skin.
  • The warm colors will look great with blonde, brunette, or red hair.
  • Cool tones will soften your face if you have grey or black/white hair.
  • Finally, whether you have dark brown or dark hair, don't be afraid to mix up your frame colors.

Don't forget about your personal style. Choose glasses that are representative of your personality and preferences!

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