Blue Block Vs Blue Filter lens

6 months ago

What is Blue Light ?

The visible light spectrum is what the human eye can perceive, and blue light is a portion of it. It has the shortest wavelength and the maximum energy, vibrating between 380 and 500 nanometers. High-energy visible, or "blue," light makes up around one-third of all visible light.

These lights, on the other hand, are good during the day because they keep us awake, but they are terrible at night since they often prevent us from sleeping.

Blue light, more than any other color, disrupts your body's ability to prepare for sleep by blocking melatonin, a hormone that makes you drowsy. Bottom line: You're less tired at night than usual, and falling asleep takes longer.

Blue light exposure's dangers and negative effects :

  1. Macular degeneration
  2. Digital eye strain ( Blurry vision , Difficulty in focusing , Dry and Irritated eyes , Headaches , Neck and Back pain )
  3. Sleep wake cycle
  4. Greater risk of certain type of cancer.
  5. Greater risk of Diabetes, Heart Diseases and obesity

Benefits of blue light :

  1. Help you stay alert
  2. Boost your mood and learning abilities.
  3. Seasonal depression may be improved.
  4. Acne relief
  5. Help clear some skin conditions

How can I reduce my exposure to blue light?

You must follow the following guidelines to protect your eyes from blue light exposure:

  1. Follow 20/20/20 rules.
  2. Your eye should be moist.
  3. Wear correct eye prescription.
  4. Change the blue light on your computer screen.
  5. Spectacles that block out the blue light should be avoided.

There is vast diffrence in lenses that block and filter blue light. let know what is the diffrence ?

Blue Cut Vs Blue Filter lens

In Nepal, a blue block or blue cut lens cuts all blue light that enters the eye, whether good or bad, whereas a blue filter lens filters harmful blue light while allowing important blue light to pass through.

Best Blue cut lens in Nepal : This type of blue cut lens prevents all blue light entering the eye wavelength 380 NM to 500 NM, making it the best blue cut lens in Nepal. Blue cut lenses cost between 400 and 800 Nepalese rupees.

Blue cut lens in nepal :

  • Crizal - Elements lenses
  • Opal lenses
  • Combo lenses

Best Blue Filter lens in nepal : The Blue Filter lens blocks damaging blue light (between 380 and 455 NM) while allowing necessary blue light to flow through ( 460 - 500 NM ). In Nepal, the price of a blue filter lens ranges from 3000 to 7000 NRS.

Best Blue Filter Lens In Nepal:

  • Zeiss DuraVision Blue protect
  • Crizal - Prevencia
  • Synchrony - HMC Blue

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