Contact Lens may Replace Smartphone – New Technology

6 months ago

Currently available research

Researchers at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology have created a contact lens prototype that continuously detects changes in intraocular pressure, or the pressure inside the eyeball. The concept is based on the fact that the shape of the eyeball changes as intraocular pressure increases. As a result, the form of the contact lens changes accordingly. Changes in form are linked to changes in intraocular pressure by a tiny capacitor placed into the contact lens.

Glaucoma patients can benefit from the contact lens's continual monitoring. This lens can track variations in intraocular pressure throughout the day and deliver medications as needed to relieve glaucoma. Sensimed Triggerfish, a comparable lens, has acquired regulatory approval in the United States and Japan.

We now live in a world that is continually bathed in electromagnetic radiation due to the widespread use of technological devices. Despite the lack of a clear consensus, research have shown that exposure to electromagnetic radiation may have some consequences in human tissue. Engineers in South Korea have used graphene to coat contact lenses in order to protect the eyes from electromagnetic radiation. Dehydration is also reduced by the thin graphene layer.

Beyond the scope of sight

The spike in ideas and prototypes using smart contact lenses has been attributed to advancements in microelectronics and chemistry. For example, lenses that act as in-eye sunglasses, darkening and brightening in response to variations in light intensity, are now available.

A tech start-up based in California Mojo Vision is developing contact lenses with an integrated LCD display, which has a lot of potential. The contact lens can show a wide range of information, similar to a head-up display projected on a car's windshield, including phone notifications, map directions, and more.

It's not unreasonable to believe that we will soon be able to zoom in on faraway objects using contact lenses.

Devices that have been replaced?

As a doctorate student in chemical engineering, I worked on projects aimed at generating ultra-thin nano-sized polymer films for contact lenses. These films improve comfort by affixing microscopic sensors to the surface, preventing undesired items from adhering.

Scaling up large production of such products while keeping the price accessible remains a challenge. Critics have also pointed out that advances in laser technology have made it easier to cure eyesight problems.

The worldwide contact lens industry is expected to grow, and we can expect a slew of innovative goods to hit the market. Smart contact lenses may eventually replace smartphones and screens as contact lens technology advances.

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