How do you measure Pupillary distance at home and why is it important for prescription glasses?

1 year ago

Today, We're talking about pupillary distance measuring, and why it's vital for prescription glasses.


Your eyes are positioned at a specific distance from one another, which varies from person to person. Pupillary Distance is the distance between the centers of one pupil and the centers of the other (PD).

This measurement is used to establish where you look through the lens of your glasses and should be as precise as possible.

The average adult's PD ranges from 54 to 74 mm, whereas children's ranges from 43 to 58 mm.

Your prescription may have one or two PD values; knowing your PD is critical so that you may get prescription glasses that suit your face precisely. It is critical that the lenses of your glasses are precisely focused over your pupils in order for you to have good vision.


Tools Needed :

  • Millimiter ruler
  • Marker or pen
  • Mirror

How to measure ?

  • Place a ruler with millimeter measures on your nose and stand straight in front of a mirror. Your ruler's beginning point can be at the exact center of your left or right eye pupil. Close one eye to see if the end of the scale is in the center of the pupil.
  • Keep the ruler straight and indicate the middle of the pupil of the second eye on the ruler.
  • The PD is represented by the distance between the beginning and ending points. This distance should be measured in millimeters (mm).
  • For an accurate measurement, repeat the method at least three times.

If you find it difficult to measure your PD on your own, you can enlist the assistance of a friend in a similar manner. All you have to do is keep your balance!

PD is often measured during an eye exam. If your PD is not mentioned in your eyeglass prescription, contact your doctor.

Always request your PD and a copy of your eyeglass prescription at each eye examination! If not, you may always measure it yourself with relative ease!

Frequently Asked Question

  • What if the PD is mistaken in the glasses?

Your vision can be impacted if your pupil distance does not correspond to where the centers of your pupils are — it's like wearing someone else's glasses! Eye strain, fatigue, headaches, and poor vision can all be caused by the improper PD. These symptoms are frequently exacerbated if you have a high prescription and the incorrect PD.

  • Is it necessary to have an accurate pupillary distance?

The pupillary distance measurement does not need to be perfect to be effective; it can withstand a minor error range. For an adult, the average pupillary distance is 54-74mm, with allowable measurement variations ranging from 45mm to 78mm.

  • Is it possible to get your PD from an eye doctor?

Getting your pupillary distance measurement is crucial when ordering eyeglasses online, but it shouldn't be a struggle. Many optometrists will offer you a copy of your prescription, but it will be missing your PD.

  • Why don't doctors prescribe PD?

The PD measurement is taken by the optician while fitting you for eyeglasses; it isn't added to your prescription because the optician is responsible for the measurements.

  • What is distance PD and near PD ?

For distant vision spectacles, always enter "Far PD," and for reading glasses, only put "Near PD." The gap between Far PD and Near PD is roughly 2-3mm for most people.

  • APP for measuring IPD or PD ?
  1. EYEMEASURE : With EyeMeasure, you can rapidly measure your Pupillary Distance (eye to eye) and now Segment Height at close and long distances. There are no mirrors, credit cards, tape measures, or other items required. For the perfect prescription glasses, it's accurate to within 0.5mm. Ideal for wearing with the Free Home Try-on glasses.

link to download :

2. PD Meter : The PD Meter App from GlassifyMe is available for both iOS and Android. All you need is a typical magnetic stripe card (gift card, rewards cart, or points card) to measure your PD using the app in a few simple steps - no ruler required.

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