How Reduce Allergic Reactions To Your Spectacle/Glass Frame ?

1 year ago

Use frame materials that are known to be hypoallergenic to lessen the chance of a reaction in persons who have a history of skin reactions to wearing frames. Some of them are hypoallergenic, according to reports:

  • Optyl material
  • Polyamide/Copolyamide
  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel

If a your frame is already causing an allergic reaction, there are a few things that can be done to reduce allergic reactions:

  • Apply a clear coat finish to the frame. This service may be available from companies that specialize in frame repairs. (Incidentally, some dispensers have attempted to remedy the problem by simply coating the inside of the temples with clear nail paint.) Unfortunately, this only works for a short time.)
  • Over the temples, use ultrathin, clear heat-shrink tubing. Optical vendors of spare pairs, pliers, and accessories sell optical shrink tubing.

There are replacement pads available if a person has an adverse response to nosepads. The following are the pads:

  • Gold-plated metal nosepads
  • Titanium nosepads
  • Crystal nosepads

Use a temple cover to cover the temple if you have an allergic response to metal cable temples. Temple covers are available in plastic, vinyl, and silicone. For this purpose, “heat shrink” tubing is also available, which is said to eliminate allergic reactions.

An additional note on allergies: There is a liquid lens liner sometimes used in the groove of a frame to make
a loose lens more secure. This material contains latex and should not be used on frames whose wearers have
latex allergies.

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